Interview with Andys Skordis

A Cypriot composer Andys Skordis has studied composition and film scoring from Berklee College of Music and pursued his post-graduate studies at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. The composer finds his inspiration in the primordial human nature, which is reflected through a contemporary methodology in his compositions. These incentives are expressed by tension and mysticism in his music. The creative work of Andys Skrodis is ranging from opera, orchestral and chamber pieces, vocal works, Gamelan, as well as music for theater, dance and short films. In this Q and A with the Cypriot composer his compositional process is being examined, and its structure discussed. The interview was conducted by musicologist Ona Jarmalavičiūtė.

What are your thoughts about the structuring of the creative process?

Well the outline is pretty much following the way I work. Although it depends on the piece and orchestration as sometimes the refinement is part of the composition itself… Thinking of textures as a basis to the composition.

What are your thoughts about this quote: “Works of art have been compared to icebergs: what is visible is but a small part of the whole. An artwork might seem to exist in splendid isolation, but that impression is misleading. Cultural products inevitably arise from a context, a submerged landscape that is often not easily accessible”?

Wow… Never thought of this… Wonderful expression but it goes to every emotional experience we go through I guess… Music is one of them. I would say the tip is the performance of a work and the bottom would be the actual interpretation… The time one put for execution or the level of deepness the listener is emerged into.

Do you have certain patterns, structures when it comes to your creative process?

A combination of instinct and mind…

What is the most fun and the most boring part in the compositional process?

Most fun would be the start and most boring would be making parts 🙂

Define inspiration – does it exist?

For me not… But perhaps How do you usually create a new idea of a piece?Either from an intense experience I had or a strong thought that was created.

How do you transform the abstract idea into material – sketch, notes?

It’s a language… Like painters use color I would say I use notes time and textures to express… But it’s always abstract.

What is your purpose of music sketching?

To have an overview of the forum mainly.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

Each instance is different… For sure turning off my phone and internet and allowing some time to myself drinking coffee thinking and smoking cigarettes.

Please describe your state of mind when you are creating something

Can’t really tell… But my mind is totally somewhere else, like a universe of notes coming and going with no direction… Similar to electrons… And emotionally very sensitive to everything, as well as my senses…

How do you know when a piece or project is finished and needs no additional work?

It always needs additional work.. It never finishes.. But I know when I am satisfied or at least feel that the moment came that I need to listen to it.

Do you critique your own work?

Definitely… I always try to take notes to keep for the future.. And sometimes I loose these notes but somehow I end up doing what I came up with… And I know it cause if the notes are finally found I see that I did what I took notes from.

Thank you!

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