UK’s finest Musicians plea for live music during a protest in Parliament Square

A live music protest took place on 6th October as hundreds of professional musicians gathered in the Parliament square.

Socially-distanced musicians expressed their fury and frustration for the devastating lack of financial support in the midst of the pandemic.

In response to the inaction from the government, musicians performed only a 20% of well-known Holst’s masterpiece “Planets”, reflecting that freelancers can only claim a fifth of their income through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grant.

After the gripping performance, the uncomfortable two minutes of silence took place, recognizing the fact that 45% of musicians currently are not covered by the SEISS.

Due to these problems, a stark 83% of musicians are facing financial hardship at the moment and it leads to a conflict with the government. Protesters disagree with such inaction, claiming that musicians fall between the cracks of government schemes.

People gathered in Parliament Square stressed so frequently overlooked the importance of music, saying that they provide soundtracks for Netflix series, play in our West End theatres, and in all are critical as our society rebuilds itself, coming out of COVID.

Claiming that music is part of our backbone as a culture, musicians warn that during the pandemic cultural sector may lose a lot of talents and workers, who have polished their skills throughout decades in the industry.

Even now, because of the closed venues and financial struggles, big numbers of musicians decide to switch careers or move to work in other countries, since there the work of musicians even in the pandemic is valuable and funded.

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